Find your next
job in accounting & finance

Find your next
job in accounting & finance.

No recruiters, just interview directly with great employers across industry and practice.

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Find new opportunities

Create your profile on Counter and immediately match with great opportunities. Your current or previous employers will never see your profile and we don't allow recruiters on Counter.

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Unlock your potential

Counter always provides detailed information on the employer, salary and benefits alongside a clear job description and personalised insights as to why the opportunity suits you.

Land your dream job

We remove all the stress associated with finding a new job so you can focus on advancing your career.

Looking to hire

Counter partners with accounting practices and industry to help them grow their teams with the best accounting and finance talent.

Still have questions?

If you’re still not sure how Counter can help, here are the answers to some common questions:

Counter is a marketplace for the UK’s accounting & finance industry. Currently, our platform matches practice accountants, management accountants, bookkeepers, accounting assistants, financial directors, financial controllers and anything in between, at practices and employers in cities across the UK.

We would recommend signing up for Counter at any stage in your search, or even if you are not currently looking for a new role. You can simply set your profile to 'Actively Looking' or 'Not Actively Looking' to notify Counter of your current situation.

No, your profile will never be public. Your profile can only be viewed by an approved employer after you have applied to their opportunity.

No, there are no third party recruiters on Counter. We are a direct hire marketplace, connecting employers and their future employees.

Counter is free for job-seekers. Counter receives a fee from an employer if they hire you through Counter. However, if you do start a new job through Counter, we offer a signing bonus, so please get in touch with your Counter Partner to let them know!

Counter partners with a range of employers, across practice and industry, from startups and SME’s to multinationals and blue chips.

If you set your profile to 'Actively Looking' you will automatically be assigned a Counter Partner who will be there to assist and support you whenever you need it.

Counter employs banking-grade security. We guarantee against unauthorised access to your data by using the latest in encryption standards and we are fully GDPR complaint.