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Auditors are highly trained individuals that review and verify a businesses accounting data and financial statements. Training as as an Auditor provides an excellent education in how business operate and function, which can lead to varied and interesting career opportunities.

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Auditor Job Overview:

Most jurisdictions require companies to present annual documents which includes a statement of their accounts. Auditors are the external accountants who are employed to verify that the information the company reports is an accurate account of their position and that their financial practices are up to the current regulatory standard.

Auditing is the cornerstone of accounting for regulatory compliance and operational governance, so therefore for obvious ethical implications, this is not a function performed by a company upon itself. Auditors are often employed by professional services firms or accounting practices, with many Auditors beginning their career at one of the ‘Big 4’.

Typically, auditors will spend the majority of their working week visiting clients. As a full scale audit can last from weeks to months, it is quite possible that an Auditor will be based at their client’s office throughout this period. Whilst on site, the Auditor will be going through the company's financial records to guarantee everything has been conducted in accordance with regulation and law.

An Auditor's work is varied, ranging from ensuring the company is depreciating the value of their fixed assets accurately, to attending and monitoring stock takes. A highlight of the role is the wide variety of individuals an Auditor will meet and liaise with in order to complete their task. Auditors will interview key decisions makers such as financial controllers, finance directors, CFO’s and even CEO’s to ensure that data is accurate and shine a light on and question any differences. It's truly is investigative work and no two days are the same!

At the end of the audit, the Auditors writes an audit report, explaining what has been done and giving an opinion drawn from the work undertaken. It is important to note that Auditors aren’t expected to predict the future, the audit will relate to a specific past accounting period and the report is the Auditor's opinion on that and determine the level of accuracy and clarity that the business has accounted for.

Auditor Education / Qualification Requirements:

Before becoming an Auditor, an individual must qualify as a chartered accountant with one of the recognised Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies. There are a variety of ways to qualify. Some will start on a graduate training scheme offered by most medium, national and multinational accounting practices. Alternatively, the National Audit Office runs a training scheme for graduates offering individuals the chance to gain a professional accountancy qualification whilst training for a career in auditing. Typically a minimum of an undergraduate degree will be required to apply for these schemes.

Auditor Salary:

The starting salary for an Auditor is usually upwards of £40,000. This increases with seniority and an experienced auditor would expect to be hitting or exceeding a 6 figure sum. Furthermore, job security for an Auditor is much higher than most professions as as all public companies and publicly-funded bodies are required by law to undergo an annual audit.

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