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Bookkeepers are essential for the welfare and maintenance of any business, being responsible for the creation and monitoring of daily record keeping as well as ensuring accountants are kept updated. Without a professional Bookkeeper, businesses would never know their availability to funds or the rate at which they were spending.

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Bookkeeper Job Overview:

Bookkeepers are the professionals that create, maintain and monitor the records that accountants, financial controllers, directors and other relevant fiance focused individuals utilise to make integral business decisions. A bookkeeper is responsible for processing the paperwork for a company's financial transactions that will then be recorded in accounts within the businesses general ledger.

Bookkeeper’s are at the ‘coal face’ of a company's finance department and as such are regularly one of the first individuals to identify that a company may be heading into financial difficulties by flagging up late paying debtors and other cash flow issues. By maintaining accurate financial records, Bookkeepers are key to ensuring businesses prosper. Key Bookkeeping duties include monitoring daily cash flow, tax year-end preparation and VAT returns, accounts payable and receivable, payroll etc. Although the full list of duties and responsibilities will vary depending on the size of the firm, the a Bookkeepers role is always extremely important to the overall function of the business.

Bookkeepers may choose to become a Certified Bookkeeper which not only supports continued personal and professional development, but often commands a higher salary from employers. Alternatively, whilst the profession of Bookkeeper in itself provides a rewarding and challenging career path, it is also possible for an experienced Bookkeeper to train further and become a qualified accountant.

Bookkeeper Education / Qualification Requirements:

To become a Bookkeeper, A-Levels or a similar level of education is usually required, however some employers may take prospective or experienced Bookkeepers that have A* - C in Maths, English and Science GCSEs. Whilst a bachelor's degree is not often required, continued education and training only helps the advancement of a Bookkeepers career.

Bookkeeper Salary:

The average Bookkeeper salary in the United Kingdom is circa £22,000 per annum. Undertaking additional education and qualifications can see this rise in excess of £25,000 per annum.

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