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A Finance Director is often the most senior individual when it comes to making financially related business decisions. Working with all verticals of the business as well as close collaboration with the CEO, the Finance Director is responsible for driving the business forward and increasingly profitability.

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Finance Director (FD) Job Overview:

The overarching purpose of a Finance Director is to ensure an organisation achieves its goals and objectives. This is generally achieved through the implementation of a strategic and financial plan that enables the company's financial commitments to be achieved. In conjunction, the Financial Director will be responsible for developing policies and procedures that enables solid financial management and control of the company’s business.

The size of an organisation will define the scope of work undertaken by the Finance Director as well as the extent of responsibilities. In larger businesses the role of the FD tends to be focused on analysis and strategy and it is possible that there will be multiple Finance Directors each responsible for their own division. FD positions at smaller organisations will likely have to take a more hands on approach across the business but will also have increased influence over the running of the business as a whole.

Having oversight of the entire finance function, the Financial Director is always focused on the direction of an organisation, An FD should be expected to be present at board meetings and be able to use financial data to define, inform or defend business strategy and the financial health of an organisation. Taking this into consideration, as well as a high level understanding of finance, excellent communication skills are essential to the role of a Finance Director.

Finance Director (FD) Education / Qualification Requirements:

Finance Director’s can come from many academic backgrounds but given the level of the position and its importance from both a business and regulatory perspective, Finance Directors will tend to undertaken significant financial qualifications. Some FD’s will have undertaken MBA’s and will be able to demonstrate measurable success in their field.

Furthermore, a Finance Director is expected to keep up to date with developments in both business and industry they operate as well as any regulatory or political adjustments that will impact on their business. Continued professional development is paramount to achieving success as a Financial Director.

Finance Director (FD) Salary:

A Finance Director should expect to be entering the six figure salary range. Often complemented by a performanced based bonus and significant benefit package, the position of Finance Director is one of the highest paying careers in the UK.

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