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A Financial Controller (FC) is an executive level position and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the accounts department. Reporting directly into the Finance Director, an FC must ensure that an organisations financial records are accurately maintained and comply with business and legal requirements.

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Financial Controller (FC) Job Overview:

Financial Controller positions are usually found in larger companies and tend to head up a team within a division or function. FC’s typically come from a management or financial accounting background.

An FC is usually the finance director’s second-in-command and has responsibility for the organisations financial reporting, including its monthly, quarterly and annual accounts. An FC also will oversee the company's transactions (including accounts payable and receivable), monitor internal controls, participate in the budgeting process and undertake compliance audits.

As well as being finance experts, Financial Controllers must also be able to demonstrate proven management capabilities. A Financial Controller will engage employees across the business in order to obtain a granular level understanding of an organisation’s processes, with a view to understanding and optimising the strategy and performance.

A Financial Controller will typically be looking to take on the role as a Financial Director or even a managing director role as a likely next step on the rung of the career ladder. A CFO position is then normally in sight.

Financial Controller (FC) Education / Qualification Requirements:

Given the seniority of the role, the eligibility requirements for becoming an FC are high. An ideal candidate would have upwards of 7 years experience in finance and will have a qualification from an internationally recognised accounting or finance professional body.

Financial Controller (FC) Salary:

A Financial Controller’s salary can range from £75,000 - £90,000.

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