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A Forensic Accountant specialises in analysing financial data to reduce financial risk, detect accounting irregularities and determine whether fraud or ‘white collar’ crime has been committed. A career as a Financial Accountant requires an investigative mindset, a commitment to financial reform and the intuition to uncover financial scandal.

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Forensic Accountant Job Overview:

Whilst Forensic Accounting has been in recorded existence since the time of the ancient Egyptians, it has most recently risen in prominence and demand since the 2008 financial crisis. Forensic Accountants are known as the ‘financial detectives’ of the accounting profession, specialising in fraud, auditing, financial misrepresentation and financial crime.

Forensic Accountants typically work for accountancy or professional services firms but can also be employed by banks, insurers, legal practices and government bodies. Often described as ‘accountancy meeting law’ a Forensic Accountant will have a varied body of work and often find themselves in court acting as expert witnesses in cases concerning commercial litigation, financial mismanagement, fraud and matrimonial work. Whilst a solicitor will make the ultimate decisions as to whether there’s a case to be pursued or not, the outcome will reside on the information that the forensic accountant uncovers and presents.

Forensic Accountant Education / Qualification Requirements:

A Forensic Account will usually have qualified as an accountant within Audit or Financial Analysis before transitioning to a Forensic Accountant role. Therefore, it is usual for most Forensic Accountants to have completed a minimum of a bachelor's degree and undertake a training contract with an employer before specialising in forensic

Forensic Accountant Salary:

Due to an increased awareness for financial discrepancies within corporations Forensic Accounting is one of the fasted growing specialties in finance therefore salary prospects are good, with salaries up to £80,000 - £90,000 per annum achieved for experienced professionals.

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